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MSP360 Jump Start

MSP360 Jump Start

Our 12-week MSP360 JumpStart program is a perfect starting point to bring strength, fitness, and wellness into your life in a purposeful, enjoyable, and lasting way.

CrossFit MSP

Our CrossFit MSP class is a fun, challenging, all-encompassing strength and conditioning program focused on helping you look, feel, and perform at your best.
Exclusive Coaching

Exclusive Coaching

This one coach, one client all-inclusive approach to training, recovery, nutrition, and lifestyle is the fastest way to reach your goals and maximize your potential.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“MSP Fitness is not about breaking people down day in and day out. Instead they thoughtfully construct workouts to develop a person’s strength, mobility, endurance, and fitness with the idea that they will be able to build on these milestones for a lifetime of fitness, not just through the next fitness fad.” Jeremy F

“Since I began, my strength and flexibility has increased, along with my endurance through my workday. There are so many aspects of MSP Fitness that are beyond just pushing weights. It really is about cultivating a lifestyle of being healthy.” Phil K

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