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So…you want to get in shape and have decided to sign up for a fitness class? That’s excellent! Now, you just have to figure out which of the myriad of options out there is the best fit. We’re here to help, and are dedicating our next three blogs to the top three reasons why you should give bootcamp the boot, and jump into our 360 JumpStart program.

Reason #1: To Get Healthier

The fitness industry is big business, and they know that the tougher a class sounds and looks, the more appealing it is to someone who wants fast results; a bootcamp class sounds like the perfect choice. A class that promises to whip you into shape in no time Boot-Camp-By-jp_nsmust be the ticket, right? The truth of the matter is, slamming your body through a 60min cardio beat down session while incorporating movements you’ve not earned and can’t perform with any proficiency will lead to fatigue and injury. Now, let’s add on top of that the fact that most people who are wanting quick weight loss aren’t eating enough (or making quality choices) to sustain even their normal activity level, let alone the added demands of a new fitness regimen. Add all of this up and you have a recipe for disaster. Low quality nutrition, high caloric deficit, overly aggressive training with poor mechanics, and likely challenges in the area we call the ‘Third Rail of Fitness’ i.e. your LIFESTYLE factors. These are not the best ingredients to build long-term health and fitness change…but then again, we’re not ‘selling’ fast results. At MSP Fitness, we want you to want to be healthier, not just thinner.

I can’t tell you how many people have come to us after putting themselves through the wringer. Broken, defeated, frustrated with the lack of results, and likely rebound weight gain worse than where they started. The money, time, energy, and negative metabolic costs are an awful lot to pay for the temporary loss of a few pounds.

FitnessBootCampI am here to put a stake in the ground and push back against this current trend in fitness that seems to be permeating society. With shows like The Biggest Loser, and programs like CrossFit™, P90x / Insanity and others, we’re continually being reinforced with this perspective that more is better. That no pain, no gain is the only way. I can’t take credit for it, but here is fun way to view our philosophy on this topic, “Know Pain, NO Gain!”

Let me qualify this by saying that of course sitting on your comfy couch drinking a tasty beverage, eating snacks while watching the season finale of Game of Thrones won’t help you reach your health and fitness goals. Of course not! I am here to tell you however that there is a middle ground between inaction, and destruction…and that’s called appropriate, measured intensity within thoughtful program design under the watchful eye of a passionate, educated coach.

Screen-Shot-2014-03-24-at-5.19.17-PMInstead of paying someone to yell at you while you’re working out, or pushing you to do movements you are not proficient at performing, we want you to make the journey of getting healthy and fit a priority. A healthy you feels good; eats and sleeps well; has strong bones and muscles, and plenty of energy. Doesn’t that sound better? Our 360 JumpStart program builds a foundation of movement and strength that puts you in control of your body, teaching you health and fitness habits for life.

Are you ready to skip bootcamp and jump into 360 JumpStart? Our next 12-week class starts July 12th.  Sign-Up Here.  

– Written by Michael S. Pilhofer