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Success Stories - Amanda


When we moved to the St. Louis Park area, I wanted something that was a little more structured and would push me, spark my inspiration, ultimately getting me back into activities, working out, and being more healthy. It was while looking online that I came upon MSP Fitness.

As a trainer in orthopedics and physical therapy, there are people I work with who have preconceived notions about what CrossFit is. They believe it’s not necessarily a good thing for people to be training hard, telling stories of someone they know doing more weight than they can handle or constantly going to exhaustion. Despite reservations, I wanted to take the plunge and at least see what it was all about.

I’m really glad I did because I was proved completely wrong; however, I’ll say that is something specific and unique to MSP Fitness. There are other gyms out there that aren’t at all the same way. At MSP, the coaches instruct you and challenge you. They’re not going to tell you to go do twenty more reps of some movement you have no business doing. They’ll shut you down when they see you fatiguing. They’ll shut you down when they see poor form. For me, that’s the most important thing because I deal with injured athletes for a living.

Personally, I would hate to get to the point in a workout where I’m so fatigued that my form looks terrible and no one cared to stop or correct me. I feel like that’s where some gyms pick up the “bad” CrossFit rap or stereotype. In no way does MSP Fitness fit into that category. MSP stands out on their own because they pay so much attention to technique and form. Making sure that we’re pushing ourselves, challenging ourselves, but being safe with it.

Before my first couple days, I was a little intimidated by it all. You might think that because you’re attending “CrossFit” the people are going to be really into it and you’re not going to fit in or understand what’s going on. I couldn’t disagree more. The coaches/instructors, Michael, Van, and Taylor take the time to show you how to do things.

If you haven’t done anything, the cool thing is there are other people here just like you. Additionally, if you’ve been, or are an athlete, there are people just like you too. MSP Fitness is filled with encouraging people who want to be challenged, are striving to meet goals, working to be healthy and strong, or working towards a competition. Whatever you want to do, everyone is here and we are doing it together.



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