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Success Stories - Amelia


I had played soccer competitively for most of my life. In college, I didn’t really do all that much. Upon finishing college I landed a desk job and went running now and then, but knew that what I was doing wasn’t really enough. I wasn’t pleased with my nonexistent results and knew I needed to do something different. I was looking for somewhere to learn.

I was seeking something that was a combination of personal training and a group environment. Having quality instruction was a priority of mine. I found that quality training and great coaching are hard to find and I don’t feel like it’s easy to be good at those two things. In my experience, it’s not something someone can learn in a weekend or even in a year. With that, I specifically looked for the most highly trained trainers I could find, and upon visiting MSP Fitness, I knew this was the place I was looking for.

When I first started, my goal was to loose weight. Not because I felt I was overweight, but knew I could certainly lean out a bit. I also wanted to get stronger, be functional, and I wanted to feel healthy. Since coming to MSP, I would say that I have exceeded my goals, creating new goals along the way. I’ve leaned out, I feel way healthier, my energy levels are up, and I feel strong!

On my first day I couldn’t perform a strict chin up. Now I have both multiple strict chin-ups, pull-ups, and I can squat my bodyweight for reps. It’s less about the numbers and the weight for me, but more about being functional. I know that if I drop something when I’m ninety, I’ll be able to pick it up.

Physically, I don’t know where I would be without MSP Fitness for the last two years. I’d probably still be running for twenty minutes on the treadmill, not strong, and not feeling like I’m making the best use of my body that I can. It’s use it or lose it, and I’m glad I’ve learned how to use it. This is knowledge that I will have with me forever.



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