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Success Stories - Eric


Before I came to MSP Fitness, I pretty much worked out on my own, really getting into strength training towards the end of college. I started to develop a real passion for it, nerding out by reading and following strength and conditioning experts like Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, and other coaches who I really trusted in terms of their thought process and the programs they designed. I found the MSP Fitness Twitter and Facebook accounts and I was curious as to what professionals the gym followed and studied. I found a lot of similarities, realizing that there’s a mindset at MSP that aligns with similar beliefs to what I have around training.

The mindset that this gym has always talked about is long-term health. At the end the day, CrossFit for sport is different than CrossFit for health. Suffering an injury outside the gym, being unable to do the everyday things that I liked, really allowed me to understand that long-term health perspective.

The community here is a community I’m comfortable with. I’ve traveled to other CrossFit gyms and to be completely candid, the atmosphere is far too macho for me…too hardcore CrossFit. That’s not what I was looking for or interested in. The community here is super-supportive and fits my mindset.

Another huge thing for me is the coaching. At other gyms, its up to the client to “stay within reason” or “scale if you need to” but there’s no accountability from the coaches. I’m the type of athlete that would be like, “No, I don’t need to scale myself!” I think the accountability of the MSP Fitness coaches is huge and a big reason I’m here. I know that I’m going to receive quality coaching, and I know the coaches not only hold themselves accountable, but the client’s as well.

At MSP Fitness, there’s a lot of options for what you want to do and flexibility for what you want to do, whether it’s a group training or exclusive coaching. Additionally, from an accomplishment stand point, I would have never thought that I would be into Olympic Weightlifting, be learning the lifts, or perform them with any kind of proficiently or skill. So learning weightlifting correctly has been super fun.

Lastly, I never thought that I’d develop such close relationships with folks inside the gym, and we have! We hang out outside the gym some of the folks here have become some of my best friends in Minneapolis!



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