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Success Stories - Josh R


I’ve always been a top-notch athlete, playing collegiate soccer. But then, all of a sudden, the organized sports I surrounded myself with ended. When I was working out as an athlete, I could kind of do whatever I wanted and be totally fine, but then my lifestyle changed. You could say the working world and life in general caught up with me.

I started going to lifetime fitness and lost focus really quickly. Soon enough, I gave up and just stopped going to the gym altogether. I continued down this unhealthy lifestyle of eating and not really having someone there helping me out along the way, tracking things, or keeping me motivated. I joined MSP Fitness in January of 2012, loved it from the first day and never look back.

When I worked one on one in the Exclusive Coaching program with Michael, we were so dialed in. We started really tackling my personal issues and my individual goals. It was that personal piece that made me realize what I am doing here is a no brainer! It might seem selfish, but I’m here to focus on my long-term goals and me individually. That specificity in my training has been nothing short of awesome. Looking back, I’ve seen a big turn around since 2012. It’s really a night and day difference!

Because of my work with Michael, I’m in such a better place overall. When it comes to what I’m eating, my nutrition, my sleeping, even my stress and taking a training break now and then, nothing is overlooked. All of that together has made me a happier person, a better employee, even a better father and husband.

It’s not just about coming in here and working out; it’s about feeling better and being a better person. That’s what makes MSP Fitness a win-win for me. Maybe I could go somewhere else, see some results, but for me personally why not earn better results and have an overall big picture. My lifestyle has been so much better on so many levels, and that’s been the greatest thing about being here at MSP.



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