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Success Stories - Matt


Before I ever came to MSP Fitness I was really just a runner. I played soccer and track in high school, staying competitive in college via clubs, but I never really got into any rigorous fitness program or routine. That was what was missing in my life. I needed not only the push, but I needed guidance. I was looking for a place that would allow me to get into lifting and other things in a thoughtful way, not just throwing me in the lion’s den.

My first steps were that I came in, sat down with Michael and really figured out exactly what the program was. I was really impressed by the thoughtfulness and the methodical approach to getting into a fitness program. Understanding where I was at in my fitness levels, knowing what I could and couldn’t do, which is honestly more important. Then I started a couple of the orientation training sessions where I was coached on some of the basic lifts. I was taught the right movements, before I ever got into a class setting, really setting me up for success. The entire group atmosphere here at MSP Fitness is almost like personal training because you have one-on-one guidance so as you’re doing the lifts you’re getting consistent, quality feedback. That’s what’s really helped me come to love it and get to a place where I feel stronger in every sense of the word.

I’ve been here about six months now, and my goals have really matured. I came with the initial desire to increase my weight and perform new movements, and those things have certainly happened. I’ve seen huge increases through the various program cycles, which is nice, not just because the numbers went up, but I could feel myself getting stronger with a very tangible way to measure progress.

Where I’ve benefited the most from my time at MSP Fitness is really the non-gym setting. I’m calling it “life strength.” It’s a tongue-in-cheek term but really what I mean is it’s those little things throughout the day when I’m picking up a bag of groceries, I’m loading my kayak on my car, even sitting at work. You wouldn’t think the office setting is a place where you would feel the gym, but my posture is better, I go to work in the mornings after the 6am class and I have much more energy. What I’ve noticed is that in a halo effect, it’s affected my life in just about every aspect. So whether I’m out for a run or just around the house, it’s the little things that make you feel tighter and fit all over.

If I were talking to somebody about why MSP Fitness, over anything else, and there are a million fitness clubs out there, I would say it comes down to the two “P’s.” The first is the program. I really believe in the methodology behind how we work out. Pairing things like resistance training with more intense cardio. Having always done both in spurts, separately, I’ve never had both programed together in one regiment and that’s really produce the results for me. Then, like any other place, the second “P” is the people. Between Michael, Van, and Taylor, the coaches are second to none. It’s not a type of place where someone will yell at you for motivation. Its much more inspiration in a sense that you can tell all the coaches, and even the people in the community here believe in what we’re doing. MSP has created this organic, natural energy about the place that is an intangible, but is honestly one of the things I appreciate most about the gym.



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