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Success Stories - Pete


Through organized sports, personal fitness, or exercising at the gym I’ve been active pretty much throughout my entire life. Keeping active is pretty important to me. I initially found MSP Fitness through convenience. Passing by the open garage doors on the Cedar Lake Bike Trail, I knew that there was something different going on there that I hadn’t done before.

I spent the first three to six months re-learning the techniques of what I always thought were simplistic movements. I was shocked at the technicalities of it all. I wouldn’t say the first couple months were frustrating by any means, more or less amazement at the nuances of all the lifts. Week after week it was fun to have measured success, becoming more comfortable with the movements. I would say that after the first three months I was definitely hooked and two plus years later I’m still doing it.

The coaching, and I’d definitely call it coaching, is always presented by someone providing consistant, value-added feedback with great attention to detail in all the movements we’re doing. Once I got in here, the biggest surprise was the level of coaching that’s going on. To me, that’s what makes MSP Fitness a hidden gem. The knowledge base is there with the coaching staff, but most importantly how that knowledge is administered is something I haven’t received from other facilities.

Certain activities that MSP Fitness has, the focus training sessions on certain movements, the performance class, etc., have certainly helped me achieve the goals that I have set for myself, setting me up to continually progress. I really like the performance program for the expanded menu of activities. I basically want to do as many different things as I can and that’s why I keep coming back to the performance class.

The greatest thing I would tell someone about MSP Fitness is the spectrum abilities that come to the gym, participate, and are celebrated. Whether you’re someone who is hoping to run their first mile or squat 400 pounds, everybody’s successes are celebrated and coached. Don’t gauge yourself against someone else, just set expectations and gage yourself against you. That’s what the entire staff at MSP Fitness coach and teaches on a daily basis.



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