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Success Stories - Phil


I’m a chiropractor, and prior to be coming a chiropractor, I was a registered nurse. It’s from my vocation that I think my awareness of the importance of health and fitness began. Back in my years of nursing at the University Hospital, I saw quite a few things that caused me to think about what I was doing to preserve my own health. As I approached the magic number of fifty, I started to feel that I was losing endurance and strength. Halfway through my life, I began to recognize in myself the things I was seeing in my patients.

I had the fortune of meeting Michael and learning about the offerings and variety of programs at MSP Fitness. In the last two-and-a-half years since I began, my strength has increased, my flexibility has increased, and my endurance through my workday has increased. What I have found at MSP is that the emphasis is not on how much you can do, but it’s about doing right by what you can do.

There’s this idea that if I go to the gym, I have to be like everybody else. Here you don’t have to look good and you don’t have to be Hercules, you can just be yourself. You can simply be where you are and receive praise from not just the coaches, but your peers as well. What really matters is that you’re working hard and making an effort. You’re not just here for show, you’re here to grow. If you show up and work the program, listening to the coaches, in time it really does happen!

To me, making an effort to improve function, as we work on the activities that we do at MSP Fitness, is preventive health care and self-preservation. When I’m playing with my grandkids, I want to be the grandpa that everybody looks at and says, “Wow! I wish that was my Grandpa!”

I’m so appreciative for the entire coaching staff at MSP. They’re all wonderful and motivational. They teach, educate, support, and encourage. It’s an environment where anybody, at any level of ability, can come and learn, grow, and really flourish.

There are so many aspects of MSP Fitness that are beyond just pushing weights. It really is about cultivating a lifestyle of being healthy. There’s a community here that you get to know and appreciate, and while everybody’s different, we’re all the same in a way. We’re all making an effort to take care of ourselves, heading into our golden years with a full head of steam, fully able in body and mind.



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