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Success Stories - Priscilla


Growing up I was a swimmer. I swam competitively for seventeen years and also did triathlons before joining MSP Fitness. When I first came through the door, I was really skeptical. I didn’t know if I would like it and I didn’t think that lifting weights was something that I would ever enjoy doing. After talking to the coaches here, they made me feel more comfortable. I also loved that Michael was a super technician. Because of his knowledge, and understanding of the what and why, I really trusted him, feeling safe with learning movements and lifts I thought I’d never do.

My initial goal coming in was to “lean out,” and lose a little weight. The coaches here at MSP started talking to me about my diet, lifestyle, and sleep. Really, my holistic health and fitness regiment. It taught me a lot about what I was doing, what I was putting into my body, and how I was treating myself. Starting as a thirst for knowledge, looking to challenge myself in a new way, my time at MSP Fitness really grew to me becoming healthier, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

My experience evolved into trying new things, lifting in a new way, and adding more weight to the bar. Throughout I really felt I was challenged in a safe way, pushed to places where I didn’t think I could ever go. So I’d walk out the door and be like, “Wow, I never thought I’d ever be able to do that!” which is a really cool feeling to have at thirty-one.

For a period of time, I was in graduate school outside the state of Minnesota. During that time, I attended another CrossFit gym. While I really love that gym, I feel like I got burned out in a very short amount of time. Here at MSP Fitness, I’ve been a member with my husband for over three years and we’ve had the opportunity to try new things, go down different paths, and every day I walk through the door feeling energized.

What differentiates MSP Fitness from other CrossFit gyms I’ve been a member of is that MSP Fitness is really set up for long-term health and success. All of the coaches take a very personalized approach to fitness and our safety as members of the community comes first. I think these differentiating traits are very, very important to the MFP Fitness brand and are something that keeps me coming back every day.

So on my 30th birthday, I sent Michael an email. I woke up feeling so excited about finally reaching some of my fitness and health goals. What I said was thank you for helping me be healthier and happier in my life. To me, that is the ultimate gift that they could give. It is so gratifying not constantly thinking, “I wish I could be just a little bit stronger” or “I wish I could be 10 pounds lighter.” They helped me get to where I’ve wanted to go for so long, it’s just so wonderful walking through these doors for the last three years.



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