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Success Stories - Raina


I’ve always been an athlete. In high school I was a three-sport varsity athlete competing in volleyball, basketball, and track. I had a lot of success in the long and triple jump where I was a Collegiate All-American at Lewis and Clark College out in Oregon. I just love sports, period.

I feel my journey through MSP Fitness has been really interesting. I loved weightlifting when I was in college, but never had the greatest coaching. Right off the bat, Michael identified some areas of growth that I needed focus. It all made sense to me when we started to explore lifts that I thought I was proficient at, and realized that the opposite was true. In light of my perceived shortcomings, I remember feeling really scared and a little nervous, but members of the gym were so warm and welcoming.

Besides playing recreational Volleyball, I hadn’t been working out since college. At first, there were hard workouts that I struggled through, but seeing my fitness levels increase was really rewarding. I had the wonderful opportunity to reinvent myself athletically, which was great! While I was working on my fitness, I made some MSP Fitness inspired lifestyle changes in terms of diet. Michael really encourages not just a culture of fitness, but a whole perspective on health and wellbeing.

A large desire of mine in training is to have goals and options. MSP offers a “Performance Class” which allows me to explore training more inline with the sport of competitive CrossFit. I do these more technical, heavy-duty workouts alongside my regular Fitness class attendance giving me a challenge to work towards.

This is definitely the longest I’ve embraced a single fitness program. Speaking to why I like MSP Fitness and what keeps me here, I find they fit well with my philosophy not only athletically, but also in life. I always want to grow and to learn and that’s what the culture of MSP really is. The old school method of breaking you down everyday in hopes that something rises from the ashes is not how it is here. We don’t push it to that next level day after day. Mindful training is always put before us and the whole person is always considered.

If you’re athletic in your background, and you want to challenge yourself in a new way, this is the place. On the other side, I have friends and colleagues who’ve never worked out and I think this would be a great place for them too. I think that’s why MSP Fitness is so special. It’s about meeting individuals where they’re at. The programming put together challenges everyone regardless of how much weight he or she can put on the barbell.  For me it’s about pushing yourself individually wherever you are. Why would you join? Why wouldn’t you?



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