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Success Stories - Shannon


When I decided to come to MSP fitness, I had been looking for a different way to work out. I really enjoy group fitness and I knew I wanted to take some sort of class based fitness program. I had just started a new, stressful job and I wanted something that would work with my schedule while still being a great way to have fun working out with others.

So I did my research and primarily looked at MSP Fitness and one other nearby facility. I visited the other gym first, meeting with one of the coaches there. To me, it was very sterile. I felt like in order to attend I needed to wear my nicest spandex, which really isn’t who I am. So I thought, well maybe that place could be a possibility, and then I met with Michael at MSP Fitness. My first impression was very different, having much more of a “regular” person feel. Instead of explaining how the gym worked, Michael was very interested in finding out more about my fitness goals and how MSP Fitness could benefit me.

When I first started, I was really surprised how encouraging everyone was to one another. I had never been in a fitness class where everyone waits until the last person is done and cheers them on until they finish their work out. That sense of community felt different than any other workout class I had ever been to. Additionally I enjoy the personal attention that you get from each of the coaches. Ensuring your form is perfect, making sure that you’re engaged, and that you’re getting what you need to out of your workout routine.

MSP Fitness is all about instilling that you don’t need a 60-minute, crazy intense, breathing hard, going to die at the end, workout. This was definitely a different perspective for me. I was used to, “Go hard for the whole time or don’t bother coming!” The coaching and teaching around body awareness and technique makes sure you’re not at risk for injuring yourself. I think that part of MSP is huge in the long term, especially as you get older.

Strength is celebrated at MSP Fitness, but not in a competitive way. More like, are you meeting your personal goals? Are you getting further than you did last time? It feels good to be strong. For women, there’s such a focus on what your body looks like, what your clothes look like on your body, and how people perceive you. Here, there’s no right or wrong way to look strong. I really appreciate that, and as a woman, it’s been very helpful in changing my perception of how I work out and my perception of what I should beat myself up about. It isn’t about how things are looking, but more about how I’m feeling and how strong I’m feeling which I really, really value.

It’s a bigger thing to come here than to just come in for a workout and leave. You are checking in with people at the end of the day, you’re seeing how their week is going and it’s building a sense of community that I don’t think other places offer. As you’re squatting, someone walks by and says, “Good job Shannon!” Other places just don’t do that. MSP Fitness is a very goal-oriented and community-oriented place. If those are your values, along with seeing the bigger picture of health and fitness, then this would be the place for you.



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