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Success Stories - Tara "Nutrition"


Weight has always been a struggle for me. It hasn’t been something that I can easily ignore. I’ve been through periods where my intent has been to really get after exercising, with not much focus on nutrition, and times of intense focus on food, but not really exercising due to a lack of energy. Neither approach brought me much success.

It just made sense to start exploring nutrition with Michael at MSP Fitness. Right away I noticed a totally different perspective. There were no quick weight loss fixes and it wasn’t about a two-week program. It really was about taking a long-term view, making small tweaks and changes while getting out of the numbers and the counting of calories.

What I enjoyed the most about my nutrition/lifestyle counseling at MSP Fitness was Michael asking me about my sleep, stress, eating habits and more. I work in a busy office setting where I work through lunch. Bringing an awareness to the reality of how, where, and what time you eat your food matters. The broad perspective Michael took couldn’t have been a better fit for me.

When it came to the actual food choices, water intake, sleep and stress changes, the tweaks we made were small and individualized to work for me. Knowing what my realities are, we crafted an approach unique to me. What foods would support my workout later that day? How can the choices I make support my health and fitness goals?

I’m proud to say that I’ve had great success with it! I recently won a workplace health initiative challenge without really doing anything except a few of Michael’s tweaks. Making changes to my meals and the timing around my meals has been very helpful!



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