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New to strength training?

Problems loading or unloading a barbell?

Lifting so much weight you need a team of people to load your barbell?

If your answer was YES to any of those questions, you’ve found the right blog post.

Eddie Hall at the ’16 Arnold. When you lift 1000+ pounds people load your bars for you.

Here at MSP Fitness, we often laugh at the great lengths individuals take in saving energy while training. A common remark heard around the gym is, “You are here to exercise, aren’t you?” Whether it’s a Weightlifter sitting for two minutes between clean and jerk attempts, or someone trying to reserve effort by setting up their kettlebell as close to a stationary bike as possible, we’ve all witnessed people’s pursuit of workout efficiency.

What are these individuals really achieving? Optimization. When you save time or effort in the gym, even in small amounts, you give yourself a slight edge in performing your training. Added up over weeks and months, this slight edge equates to more volume or more work being done at a higher intensity. Long story short: if you can put more training in, your going to get greater gains and improve your performance.

So if you can optimize your set up to increase the training response, why wouldn’t you?
Case and point? Loading a barbell.

A pivotal implement for training at MSP, our clients are loading up bars multiple times per week. Trouble is, loading them up from the floor can be met with resistance from the ground or the bumper plate itself. Watch this quick video we shot on Instagram to see two ways to better optimize your barbell loading and start lifting more effectively today!

A video posted by MSP Fitness ( on


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