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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Program
Corporate Wellness Program
Corporate Wellness Program

What is Corporate Wellness?

Are you looking to create a healthy work environment? Do you want your employees to feel that the company cares about them? Is corporate wellness an essential part of your organization’s benefits package? A wellness incentive has been shown to not only increase employee engagement and reduce turnover, but also directly affect the company’s bottom line.

Company Health and Wellness Program Statistics

Company Health and Wellness Program Statistics tell a clear story – they are effective , and they save corporations money.

You should take note of these interesting Company Health and Wellness Program Statistics:

  • Company Health and Wellness Program Statistics depict a savings of $2.30 to $10.10 for every $1 spent on Corporate Health Promotion Programs.
  • Coca-Cola’s fitness program recouped $500 per year per employee, despite the fact that only 60% of their staff was enrolled.
  • Company Health and Wellness Program Statistics from Prudential Insurance reveal a benefit expense of $312 per individual enrolled in their wellness system, but $574 per non-enrolled employee.
  • At the Coors Brewing Co., Company Health and Wellness Program Statistics illuminate a savings of $5.50 per $1 spent on fitness, with a positive side-effect of member absenteeism dropping by 18%.

And, an analysis of 42 published studies of worksite health promotion programs showed that companies that implemented an effective wellness program realized significant cost reductions and financial gains, including:

  • An average of 28 percent reduction in sick days.
  • An average of 26 percent reduction in health costs. An average of 30 percent reduction in workers’ compensation and disability management claims.

Our Corporate Wellness offering brings health and wellness programs to your company, to your employees, at work, on-site. We work with your team to tailor a wellness program fitting the needs of your company. We offer a highly effective program that is designed to support your employees by helping them adopt and sustain behaviors that reduce health risks, improve their quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness, and therefore benefit your company’s bottom line.

Services we offer include:

  • Group exercise classes
  • Personal Training
  • 1:1 Nutrition guidance/Weight Management
  • Group Educational classes on topic such as: nutrition, stress management, lifestyle coaching

As employees are one of your most valuable assets, you can help increase employee satisfaction and reduce your expenses by offering options to your employees to improve their health and lifestyle.

Being active prevents many diseases, helps you feel good, and makes you strong so that you can perform your everyday activities easier. Your employee’s activity level has a big impact on their overall health. Understanding your physical health and what affects it positively and negatively is essential to creating a healthy lifestyle. Our team works with your employees on behaviors that promote and maintain good physical health. Our expert staff will work with your employees to help address their health and behavioral changes to improve their health and well-being.

Where ever your company is on the wellness continuum, MSP Fitness’ Corporate Wellness will help guide you to developing the best solutions for your organization.  We can assist the client who is just starting to think about wellness to the client who is looking to take the next steps with their existing program.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

“No matter how crazy the day was, or how long my to-do lists are when I get home, I never regret the hour or so I spend at MSP Fitness and how energized, refocused, and strong I feel when I’m done.”

Corein B

“I love the approach to health and fitness here. They take each individuals health and fitness goals very seriously, building success through setting small actionable goals that keep you motivated.”

Nicole N