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What is Nutrition / Life Coaching?

Let’s face, it you want to look and feel amazing, and rightfully so. The big question is what does it take to get you there? I wish it were as easy as trying the next fad diet, the latest exercise craze, or taking the newest supplement you just read about. While we fully understand the allure of wanting quick results, most likely any progress you’ll see will be fleeting and not long lasting.

At MSP Fitness, we are not about the quick fixes. Our integrative approach helps you change your relationship with food by changing the relationship within yourself. Whether your goals are weight loss, high performance, longevity, or somewhere in between, we work with you when making a plan, taking into consideration your lifestyle, habits, as well as your beliefs and current food profile.

Our aim at MSP Fitness is to help people get and stay healthy for life. Over the years, what we found was while we inherently want to be healthy, happy, and vibrant, we struggle to change. Change can be a struggle against our desires, our emotions, and our self. We often attempt to use willpower to get us through, rather than being guided and supported by a profound understanding of how we can inherently transform. For sustainable nutritional changes, we need to learn how our choices are connected to our emotions, thoughts, and habits.

The MSP Fitness Nutrition/Lifestyle coaching program is not a diet plan, but a plan for how to eat in a way that is nourishing for the whole you. It is a lifestyle approach to health, vitality, and weight-loss – if that’s a goal. It is about understanding how we can change our health and our life with our food choices. It is a sustainable, attainable plan for how to be a healthy, nourished, thriving YOU.

With our Nutrition/Lifestyle coaching program, you learn about real food, real nourishments, and the real you. We are not going to tell you what to eat or give you a pre-defined meal plan. Instead, we are going to teach you how to know yourself better and what you need to thrive. This way, you will learn what works for you, and why. We will also teach you the “food-facts” so you can freely navigate your choices. You will learn how to implement and make changes to help you get healthy from the inside out and live the life you’ve earned.

How do I get started?

Learn how to implement and make changes to help you get healthy from the inside out and live the life you’ve earned. Schedule your complimentary consultation today.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“Right away I noticed a totally different perspective with the nutrition/lifestyle coaching program at MSP Fitness. It was about taking a long-term view. The changes that we made were small and individualized to work for me and I’ve had great success with it!”
Tara R

“It’s not only about working out; it’s about feeling better and being a better person. I’m in such a better place overall – my nutrition, my sleeping, even my stress…nothing is overlooked.”
Josh R



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