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What is the Strength + Endurance Program?

Our Strength + Endurance program is a small group strength and conditioning class focused on helping you feel, look, and perform better, while staying active for the rest of your life.

At MSP Fitness our core value is longevity. This is the guiding principle for all of our programming both group and individual programs. We firmly believe that health and fitness is not a race, but a journey. Deadlifting twice your body weight is an impressive feat, but it doesn’t mean much if you can’t bend down and pick up your grandchildren someday.

During our one-hour Strength + Endurance classes you will experience:

  • Guided Warm-up – Movement prep and mobility drills to improve overall function and prepare for the day’s training
  • Strength/Technical Training – Resistance training using primarily barbells to develop strength and power, along with kettlebells, dumbbells and more.
  • Conditioning – A combination of high-intensity aerobic intervals (HIIT), skill development, stability and core training, and accessory work all aimed at creating a well-rounded training program
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CrossFit MSP
CrossFit MSP

Who is our Strength + Endurance Classes for?

Above all, people who come to MSP Fitness have a passion for learning. Our clients are looking for someone to trust, hold them accountable, and guide them to the fitness level they desire and deserve. It is for the discerning individual who understands and values the following ideals and training principles:

There is a Difference between “Working Out” and “Training”.

Training has purpose, focus, and is intended to yield results. Any trainer can give you a workout that leaves you sore and sweaty, but how will you look, feel, and perform in 5, 10, or 20 years from now? A professional coach will design the most efficient and effective training program where the exercise selection and intensity is both a challenge and a success.

The Work that you do should Work for You, and not Against You.

Our Strength + Endurance classes are designed to be challenging and fun. In our classes you will be developing strength and skills all within your abilities – earning the weight or movement instead of being thrown into it. Getting beat down day after day under the guise of ‘fitness’ is irresponsible and unsustainable. This ultimately leads to burnout, frustration, and a higher risk of injury. With our Strength + Endurance classes you’ll finish each workout feeling strong and ready for the next session, building the foundation for a lifelong pursuit of health and fitness.

You Value a Lifetime of Function and Activity.

Some movements may be fun or look cool, but when many people lack the appropriate mobility and stability for that movement to be safe, or gain any significant physical benefit, the risk is not worth the reward.

After years of teaching and coaching thousands of people, our training program is comprised of intentionally selected lifts and movements that are consistent with our focus on lifelong health. We use time-tested strength and conditioning principles focusing on technical mastery before ever adding load. We use these well curated selections of exercises to develop qualities like strength, speed, and power, but most importantly – overall function.

Strength is Fundamental.

What does this means for our Strength + Endurance program?

First is Programming cycles. In a group class environment it can be challenging to make progress within a specific skill due to the inherent variety in one’s schedules, along with the generalized nature of group training. Within our Strength + Endurance classes, we have implemented focused training blocks (8-12 weeks) on set days to allow you to practice and speed progression through difficult skills and specific movements.

Second is Tempo. We use tempo, a specific strength training protocol, to improve quality of movement, reduce potential risk of injury, and help you get stronger faster. Tempo training is a great way to target the limiting component of a movement, develop it more quickly, and facilitate faster progression.

Conditioning is about Pacing.

Many people believe that they need to train until they are exhausted and sore to become physically fit. In truth, training to that level of fatigue on a regular basis will impede your progress. We view each conditioning session as an opportunity for you to learn about your individual ‘aerobic engine’, and how to pace yourself through a variety of intensities. We have designed our conditioning program to give you the right tools to learn to control and develop your aerobic system.

Continual Progress.

In addition to our general Strength + Endurance Fitness class, we also offer a more advanced Performance class. This advanced level class incorporates movements with higher technical demand, including the Olympic lifts of Snatch and Clean and Jerk, and higher technically challenging conditioning sessions. Once you have acquired the requisite mobility, stability, strength, and technical skills in our general Strength + Endurance Fitness class, you will have the opportunity to progress into the Performance class, embracing new challenges, learning these lifelong lifts with truly limitless potential.

You Place a High Value on Expert Coaching and Want to Learn from the Best.

We ultimately view MSP Fitness as a boutique strength and conditioning studio. There are many Twin Cities gyms, national franchises, and CrossFit conglomerates who claim to offer a personalized experience for their members. However, oversized classes and a long list of part-time instructors make it impossible for them to provide quality and consistent coaching, let alone remember your name. Our Strength + Endurance classes are coached by highly educated, dedicated, full-time professionals. There is tremendous value in the relationship between a coach and client who have consistent, daily interactions.

How do I get started?  

Schedule your consultation today and let’s get started with training your body properly for your lifelong health and fitness!

What Our Clients Have to Say

“The Coaches at MSP Fitness provide incredible instruction. I’ve learned more about strength training and body mechanics in 6 months than in my previous 20 years of organized athletics.”

Raina G

“I feel MSP Fitness stands out for me because they pay so much attention to proper technique and form before introducing intensity. Making sure that we’re pushing and challenging ourselves, but all the while ensuring we’re safe.”
Amanda L



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