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MSP Fitness The BoxWhen we first opened our doors back in March of 2009, the only training option we offered was CrossFit group classes.  Over the next 6+ years of furthering my education and knowledge, learning from some amazing mentors and masters in the industry, asking the hard questions of myself, clarifying my vision and values around health and fitness, we’ve evolved into so much more.

It’s an immense responsibility to be a gym owner and coach.  The trust that our clients put in us is awesome and humbling.  We at MSP Fitness have never taken that trust lightly nor for granted.  I’ve always said that it’s easy to simply kick someone’s butt under the guise of ‘fitness’, but it’s an art, taking a true professional to train and coach people.  I am proud to say that we have the knowledge, systems, and deliverables to help people in their individual pursuit of long-term health and fitness.

Please take note of the word “long-term” here, as this to me is a major differentiator of what makes us special – we are always cognizant of what we are asking you to do today and its impact to your health and fitness in the future.  As you peruse the new website, you’ll see this value around longevity as a common theme in everything we do.

MSP FitnessI am so excited to finally be here.  To say it’s been a journey and an evolution is an understatement.  In the end, this was a process.  My introspection took time, which was absolutely necessary for me to stand at the doors of my business on this day, and proudly welcome you all to MSP Fitness (formerly CrossFit MSP).

We look forward to bringing to you enriching and educational content in all areas of Fitness, Health and Wellness. Make sure you stay connected by joining our mailing list and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

All the best,

– Written by Michael S. Pilhofer (MSP)