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Let’s start with a tough question:

What Do I Have To Do To Get The Body I Want? 

“Is there a secret? Do I have to sell a kidney? Because I TOTALLY would if it meant I could have her body or his assets”
Everybody Ever

Real talk. I mean you’ve got the gym membership, you’ve got the clothes, and you follow all the right people on social media. I bet you even bring your lunch to work a couple times per week, resisting the temptation to devour a literal fountain of diet coke each workday. By any measure of the term, you are taking steps to be healthier; something that ought to be paying you dividends in the mirror and on the scale. 

But it isn’t. Not one iota. So what aren’t you doing?

Know that I jest, because answering this question has innumberable idiosyncrasies. The answer to looking better with or without clothes on is individual. It’s complicated and multifaceted.

While that’s undeniable, there are a few things I know for certain.

3 things you need to take control over to Get the body you’ve always wanted.

  1. Be born with it (let’s be honest you knew this one already, some people are #blessed and they don’t even realize it)
  1. Training and Nutrition Consistency
  2. Diligent Sleep
  3. Stress Management

Training and Nutrition Consistency:

In the last year you’ve probably been to the gym. I’m willing to bet you even go several times per week. However, what about that four week hiatus last winter? What about the cheesecake you baked last weekend and the children’s cereal you hide in your pantry?

While occasional breaks in training and food enjoyment aren’t inherently evil, you have to look at these thing’s frequency. Repete delves into pleasure town is a direct deterrent to your consistency. What good is it to hit the gym three days a week, eating two bagels with cream cheese right afterwards for “breakfast”?

It’s harder to paint the masterpiece when you keep dropping the brush.

Diligent Sleep:

Alright, it’s time to put the grownup pants on and go to bed at a reasonable time. My mother always told me nothing good happens after 10pm. Her wisdom rings true for a majority of us working professionals.

Consider this. Netflix automatically plays the next episode on queue for a reason. Social media feeds don’t swipe, they intentionally scroll with no end. Be mindful of the inviting pool of blue light coming from your cell phone, laptop, or television. That extra evening stimulation drives changes to the body’s circadian rhythm, disrupting things like ease of sleep, quality of sleep, and sleep duration.

Stress Management:

When it comes to life’s stressors, awareness brings perspective, and perspective allows us to act offensively versus defensively.

Think of it this way. Your body doesn’t see stress the way you do. You recognize the anxiety from unanswered emails and its effect on your mood. Your body, on the other hand, sees a threat it needs to protect you from. So whether you’re stuck in conflict with a colleague, or running from a bear, the body knows little difference.

When it feels the need to defend you, the body prepares for mobilization. The nervous system rouses for emergency action, preparing you to either fight or fly from the danger at hand. Identifying the major areas of your life driving your body into higher levels of threat is the key to staying on the offensive rather than reeling from the punches of stress.

So how do you start? Where do you begin?

Let me ask you this…
Who besides yourself keeps you accountable with your time in the gym?
Who writes the program or determines the day’s training?
Who checks in and makes sure you’re sleeping well and feeling right?
Who determines if a particular lift isn’t smart for you?
Who helps you navigate nutrition needs?

A Coaching relationship is invaluable.

A coach is the individual who has your back, helping you with the nitty-gritty details so that you can still do you. If you are looking for a coach, someone to help with your stress awareness, your gym consistency, or your food management, then striking up a coach-client relationship with MSP Fitness is the next step.

Want to discover your untapped potential?

Hear from one of our clients!

My job includes travel. It is not uncommon that one or two of my weekly workouts will take place on the road. Wherever the job takes me, I feel like I can always consult with my Coach back at home. Between email support, video analysis, and larger program considerations for my work schedule, Taylor helps me ensure that my training and health stays in check. I think that Taylor’s holistic view of health has also changed the game for me – between breathing exercises and nutrition advice, he has given me the tools to continually succeed.

Jozette S.

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