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Exclusive Coaching



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When looking for a coach, you want a true professional – a standout in their field.



Find empowerment through custom programming AND individualized nutrition.



To pursue peak performance, you need a coach. Someone who manages the process while you focus on the outcome.



Training flexibility for those who are improving others alongside improving themselves.

What is Exclusive Coaching?

Our Exclusive Coaching (EC) program breaks the one-size-fits-all mentality and brings fitness training back to where it belongs: to the specific needs to the individual. This is a highly individualized, comprehensive coaching program where your fitness experience is custom tailored to you and your specific goals. What sets our EC program apart from nearly all other training programs is our holistic, all-inclusive approach to training, recovery, nutrition, and lifestyle. This is not a quick-fix program. We take the time to educate you on how to achieve and maintain the fitness goals you seek and deserve with effective, long-term strategies. When you join our Exclusive Coaching family, you’re investing in an experienced, professional coach who will guide and mentor you every step of the way, empowering you to take ownership of your individual health and fitness journey.

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Who is the Exclusive Coaching program for?

This program is designed for those people who are motivated and dedicated to making their health and fitness a priority. Whether you are someone new to fitness excited about starting new habits, a stay at home dad/mom, or an elite athlete seeking to take your performance to the next level, this program is the perfect fit. Our Exclusive Coaching program is for the individual who does not want a cookie-cutter workout program, but desires a customized training program for their unique goals, needs and lifestyle.

Exclusive Coaching is for the person who wants the purest individualized health and fitness journey possible.

What’s included in the Exclusive Coaching Program?

  • A comprehensive movement and mobility assessment of your current strengths, weaknesses, nutrition, and lifestyle habits
  • A training program designed specifically to help you achieve your goals
  • Guided warm-ups, flexibility and mobility work, along with specific recovery practices
  • A weekly updated workout program based off of your training feedback
  • A dedicated coach to answer any and all questions
  • Regular training support via video review for Off-Site Clients
  • Ongoing Lifestyle coaching and recommendations
  • Ongoing nutrition coaching and recommendations
  • Use of a variety of tools and technologies to monitor your training to ensure proper recovery and readiness
  • Supplementation recommendations along with pre and post workout nutrition guidance
  • A 30 Minute in person, or Skype check-in every 4 weeks

How do I get started?

Set yourself apart from the average training program by becoming an Exclusive Coaching client at MSP Fitness. Schedule your consultation today.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“Michael does a great job of learning where each of his athletes are in terms of capability, mental toughness, physical ability etc and works with them so that each safely get the most out of their training.”

“What’s appealing to me about MSP Fitness is Michael’s philosophy on fitness. It’s not about just working out. He thinks about things holistically. It’s about getting the right amount of sleep, eating the right foods, and managing stress. ”
Alex S



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