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“There are two keys to success.
One is to show up. The other one is to keep going.
Most people don’t keep going.”

What keeps people from work out consistency?

We at MSP Fitness typically see TWO primary deterrents that cause folks to fall off the fitness wagon.

 1. Lack of Direction

Those who don’t know which way they’re headed cannot find their destination. Is it any wonder your fitness and weight loss goals haven’t come to fruition when the pathway is obstructed? Perhaps you don’t know where to begin. Maybe you know how to exercise, but structuring out a program that works sounds exhausting. Whatever the reason, every journey needs a map and a coach provides that directive plan.

 2. Lack of Accountability

Once you have a plan, actually “showing up” requires effort. Much of this you already do yourself. You probably lay out your clothes and shoes the night before a morning run, having one less thing to do in the AM. You likely spend time on your nights and weekends preparing food for the work week’s lunches. Trouble is, these small, intentional tasks will eventually run out of momentum without frequent fueling. The support system provided by a dedicated coach helps keep you accountable when inconsistency creeps in.

A Relationship with an Exclusive Coach can help YOU!

We offer professional coaching for clients and athletes from all backgrounds with any number of training needs. You set the goals, we write the plan that helps get you there, and continue to check-in along the way.

In a day and age where cookie cutter exercise programs can be found online, you need a coach who will craft a workout plan suited to your individual needs. Were not in the business of copy-pasted exercises to blanket an massive email list. We build trust through relationships formed by clients and their individual coach.

You’ve been going to the gym for a while, it’s time to see the results you deserve.

Hear from one of our coaching clients!

The Exclusive Coaching relationship at MSP can be a great fit for someone with or without a dedicated plan for their training or fitness goals. Over the last year I’ve had to juggle my training with a work schedule that includes travel as well as the birth of our first child. Having the flexibility to shoot my coach a quick note with all the challenges, having him adjust the programming on the fly has been great. Invaluable actually!

Could I ‘hypothetically’ write my own program? Sure. But I know I’d waste a ton of mental bandwidth I don’t have. The biggest benefit of having a Remote Coach is having the ability to focus on the rest of your life since you’ve outsourced your training to a person you trust.

Eric L.

Director of Business Development, EPIC

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