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I’m going to start by asking you a question.

• Do you value your long-term success?

I will admit that while this question can come across as conceptual or abstract, it’s pretty straight forward once simplified. Don’t you want more out of your career in ten years? More meaningful relationships? Greater success in wellness pursuits? If you’ve pondered, day-dreamed, or given thought to one of those examples, you definitely value achieving triumph over the long haul.

I feel we can brazenly say that in some way, everyone visualizes becoming a better version of themself. Trouble is a majority of people stop at visualizing. Few, if any, will take the necessary action steps to become a better than they were the day before. How many times have you run into a friend who says they want to loose weight, and will start next week? Or a co-worker who continually asks about investment knowledge, disregarding information given previously. No matter where one looks, failure to launch is ubiquitous.

Simply put, the path to success starts with action and a clear understanding of one’s true values on the matter (i.e. if it’s important and something you value, then you WILL take action). For so many at the gym, fitness is the catalyst that promotes positive change. We hear stories like this all the time:

  • I lost 20lbs and am now a better uncle to my nephew who wants me to teach him how to skate.
  • I’ve become stronger, empowering me with confidence that led to a recent work promotion.
  • By investing in my health and wellness, I’m a better role model for my family.
  • I’ve learned how to move and control my body which is knowledge I’ll have for the rest of my life.
  • I’ve found a passion that motivates me to pursue other passions I didn’t know I had.
  • I’ve made friends who have become such great comrades, enriching my experience in life.

At MSP fitness, one of our highest values is that we care for your long-term health above all else (you might as well throw in our passion for your success too). We feel that fitness should ultimately be about the ability to get down and up from the floor with ease, so you can play with your grandkids until your old and grey. To pursue the activities you love to do for as long as you love to do them, and when death finally comes a knocking he’ll have a serious fight on his hands. If you buy into this mentality alongside with us, the gym becomes a catalyst for innumerable improvements in your life.

Fitness is so much more than an end to a means. In a domino effect, it can be the single undertaking that revolutionizes your life and the future you imagine for yourself.

So I’ll ask you again, do you value your long-term success?

How has fitness revolutionized your life? We want to hear your stories! Come join the conversation over on Facebook and let us know today.

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-Written by Taylor Gish

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