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Ahhhh, the Holidays.  As Hallmark would have us believe, it’s a time for family and friendships. A time for caring and…WAIT, who am I kidding…it’s more like a time for stress and frustration. A time of CRAZY!

This time of year it’s all too frequent that my clients have this wide eyed, stressed out look of despair around the litany of to do’s, to don’ts, and to suppose to’s. That during this run up to the New Year, through powerful forces both internal and external, the amount of “shoulds” we dump upon ourselves can be stifling. So much so that I don’t have enough fingers and toes, including yours, to count the times I’ve heard from friends and clients on how they “Can’t wait for the Holidays to be over”  and that’s unfortunate in my eyes.

From the crazy consumerism frenzy, to all of the planning, running around, and traveling between the many arms that is our family tree, we can all too easily loose ourselves in the process.

Isn’t this the time of giving though? Sure, but why can’t that include giving to yourself. Giving yourself the gift of some space. Some peace and quiet. Some time for your own reflection on all of the wonderful, positive, amazing things that was 2015 flowing into what will be the coming New Year.

safety_oxygen_maskI am here to say that not only do you deserve it, you’ve earned it. What do they say in the airlines, always put your own mask on first before helping others. There is a very good reason for that, and while I don’t elaborate using that example, I think you can understand the logic. To be the best parent, significant other, son, daughter, friend and more to others, you have to take care of yourself first. The better version of YOU you can be, the better you are to others.

This Holiday season I say amongst all of the crazy, take some time for yourself. Give yourself a gift some peace and quiet, or what ever that look like for you.

Truly just  Stop – Look – Listen.

From all of us at MSP Fitness, we wish you a most wonderful Holiday and New Year with family and friends.

Michael Pilhofer, Owner and Head Coach at MSP Fitness has over 20 years experience listening, observing, and communicating to help people improve themselves. His goal is to create a positive and supportive training environment that inspires people to make long-term fitness and lifestyle changes. He believes in not simply doing work, but doing work that matters – work that has purpose, a plan, with an outcome in mind.

New Year, New You?

The New Year is upon us. You know what that means, resolutions and goal setting. If you’ve been frustrated with your lack-luster results at your current training facility, or know your current workout routine needs some updating, then you need to reach out to a coach at a dedicated training facility. If you need directions, find someone with a map! At MSP Fitness, we love to train, but we also love to train well.

Our facility located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota is all about giving you options to pursue fitness and smash those New Year’s goals, setting more along the way! We’ve been serving the West Metro, South Minneapolis, and larger Twin Cities community since 2009, offering private, semi-private, and group training options.


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