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The Holiday season is upon us!

Worldwide, but most especially in America, the autumn/winter months are known for their holidays. Every fall, once Halloween is finished, cue the calendar of celebrations! Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Diwali, Festivus, and New Year’s just to name a few.

jjal20uWithout fail, these cultural and religious celebrations are not only cause for disgruntled encounters with in-laws, but also include hoards and hoards of food. As soon as the temperature drops and the leaves start to fall, gravy boats, eggnog, and a rich assortment of cookies roll in to take their place. Combine the presence of excess food with finals week, financial year end, or impending travel, and you’ve essentially paved the road to Lovehandletown. Or have you?

Anyone with a grasp on reality knows that the food served around the holiday season isn’t exactly the healthiest. Your grandfather’s homemade fudge, the sweet bread your mother makes, and that little something you whip up during this special time of year are obviously not intended to drive health markers. That being said, what many people fail to realize, is that you don’t have to resist it.

Wait? The Guy at The Gym is Telling Me to Eat My Weight in Bonbons?

Not exactly. Here’s the thing. Health is cultivated, then developed. Your eating habits are solidified over months and years of quality decisions and regular discipline. I’m here to tell you that when a proper plan is in place, not even the worst kinds of eating will derail your health and fitness goals. That’s right! If you’ve been working hard to stay diligent, leave those cookies out for Santa and make a few for you and your loved ones too.

Health is multifaceted. It isn’t just squats in the gym or chicken breast on a plate. Health is psychological as well as physical. Having an understanding that food is not only for fuel, but also for fun can really free you up from all the self loathing associated with January 1st. On special occasions, particularly social engagements and cultural celebrations, consuming a few treats that are outside of your normal dietary routine is not only okay, but is probably a bigger contributor for you maintaining a proper psychological balance (we don’t need anyone going postal over cheesy potatoes).


Here’s Our Recommendation:

90% of the time, crush it with the discipline. Eat three full meals a day comprised of whole foods featuring a solid protein, endless veggies, some fruit, some nuts, some whole grains as you see fit, and quality fats. If it grows in the ground or eats things that do, you aren’t that far off.

Gym wide annual ugly sweater workout

Gym wide annual ugly sweater workout – We love the holidays!

Next, remember that maintaining 90% discipline means maintaining a movement practice or fitness routine. It also involves getting outside while the suns up and when the sun goes down, sleep like your life depends on it (no joke, it does). Furthermore, it includes managing stress and creating separation in your life so that you can not only be a better you, but a better you to those around you. Staying disciplined in these qualities 90% of the time will make your 10% holiday deviation not only sweeter (literally), but allow you to get back to baseline quicker with no regrets.

So Have At It!

Enjoy and be merry for your own health and the health of the relations you celebrate with. No sense in sweating a slice of fruitcake or a cup of hot buttered rum. Maintain your mindfulness as you enjoy indulgences, versus sweating the small stuff. Perfect thing about the holiday treats is that when they’re gone, they’re gone! Back to the discipline and back to looking forward to when your favorite celebratory snacks return next year!

Taylor Gish is an Exclusive Coach at MSP Fitness and Lead Instructor to the Strength+Endurance Program. His individual training focus is on the sport of Olympic Weightlifting where he has been competing locally and nationally since 2013. Taylor enjoys cooking, eating, and spending time with his wife and kids — in no particular order.


What if you don’t have a movement practice? What if you’re having trouble staying disciplined on the 90%? MSP Fitness is the perfect facility for individuals looking to get back into training or take their physical fitness to new levels. Whether your desires are more geared towards a group setting or an individualized relationship with a dedicated coach, we have the resources to help you meet your fitness and/or health goals. Come stop by our facility in St. Louis Park, Minnesota or schedule a free strategy session by entering your information below. We can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish!



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