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Is it just me or is it crazy hectic around here?

Groceries need getting, the todo list at work never seems to end, and right now you desperately need to mow AND get your dog’s hair cut but can’t seem to complete either. On top of all of this, every fiber of your being wants to binge watch Netflix while chilling with the most massive bowl of lucky charms tupperware can handle.

I get it. A certain form of excrement is really hitting that apparatus with rotating blades. Consider this for a moment…

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 12.44.30 PM

Have you ever heard of the Key Log Principle?
I hadn’t before a few years ago. Whilst listening to a podcast, the host referenced this idea when attempting to solve a problem presented by a listener of the show. Much like my complicated (albeit hypothetical) situation above, an individual was presented with a multifaceted workplace complication that bled into their personal life.

Major log jam on the St. Croix River at Taylors Falls Minnesota, 1865

Major log jam on the St. Croix River at Taylor’s Falls Minnesota, 1865

The podcast host suggested hunting down and removing the one log causing a backup in the process versus sacrificing the entire system. You see there are still parts of America where trees are harvested, then shipped down a river or byway of water. On occasion, a single log will position itself just right to upset the entire flow. The upstream flow continues to force logs down river and before long, the entire shipment is backlogged — a log jam.

Now you can’t scrap it all and blow the pile sky high with dynamite. This is precious, valuable raw materials. If you play along with the analogy, this is your life; so we’re going to avoid the dynamite solution. You have professional credibility, family, financial security, and many other variables to consider… Please put down the dynamite!

Instead, let’s look at the log jam critically and carefully.

  1. What are the areas of your life you need to remove a troublesome “key log”? Work, family, fitness, or health?
  2. Instead of trying to fix 25 problems, can you fix that single problem with 25 symptoms?
  3. Could you bring in a skilled professional to assist in finding those few key issues that affect a larger problem?

Think on these questions and see if there are areas in your life where you can remove some key logs, solving issues and problems that you previously deemed impossible.

-Written by Taylor Gish

More often than not, these jams don’t fix themselves. The logging company will bring in an individual engineer who specializes in seeing patterns in log jams, leading to the identification and removal of that single troublesome problem. The build up subsides and flow returns to normal after the precise and tactical assistance from a skilled professional. So if you’re in need of a fitness professional who works more like a scalpel and less like a machete, look no further than MSP Fitness. Our coaches have the experience and knowledge to see the things limiting your weight loss or performance goals. Don’t settle for another week ruined by failing to identify that key log jamming up the success you long for. CONTACT US TODAY!