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Have you seen the “Quick Thought” posts we’ve been making on social media? Amidst an age of soundbites and info-nuggets, we at MSP wanted to put together something a little more conscious than the typical fitness mumbo-jumbo that ends up populating your Facebook and twitter feeds.

You know… Things like this:

Would you look at that technique! Go Jillian!

Taken directly from her “Shred-It With Weights” DVD.

Great Coaching Jillian!



My apologies for subjecting you to that. If you’re looking for a way to un-see it, might I offer some quotes of inspiration and education below. And, if you want a slightly better video on How to Kettlebell Swing, look no further.

Quick Thoughts:

In fitness, you’ll often hear the phrases “Muscle Confusion”, “Chaos Training”, or “Constantly Varied”.
Your workouts ought to be more consistent and calculated than they are chaotic or confusing. Where you set your aim, your target will be there also.

Piecing together or outright copying someone else’s training, diet, supplement choices, etc. is akin to using any medicine at random to treat your cold.
Take a targeted, individualized approach versus dabbling mindlessly.

There’s a pressure these days in business or life to “Know your WHY”. While this is good, don’t be afraid if you find yourself in doubt or without a knowledge of WHY.
Be honest with yourself, others, and then go spend some time with people who know their WHY.

Who you are when no one’s watching is who you are.

Ego is the enemy to progress.
How you view yourself circumstantially has little to do with the work needed to achieve your goals.

‘Process’ people tend to see a lot better outcomes than ‘Outcome’ people. Enjoy the journey friends.

Foam rolling can be useful unless you have no idea why you’re doing it.
Think about whether your time would be better suited physically warming up, practicing the movement(s) to come, or checking social media another time.

Running is great. Keep in mind though that longevity correlates more strongly with one’s ability to externally load (i.e. lift weights) than one’s aerobic abilities. Run far… but also lift heavy. You’ll stick around longer.

You can’t control everything, but you can control how hard you work.

Data is king, but data can numb you and can be paralyzing. So, check your heart rate, track your steps, and count your calories, but still go by feel every once in a while.

Weight loss takes time. If you put twenty pounds on in five years, don’t expect it to melt away in thirty days. Play the long game, formulate quality habits, and slowly chip away at those lbs.
Process over outcome.

There’s no such thing as a perfect training program or diet plan — only ideals. Find something solid that works for you and stick to it.

Unfortunately, the fitness industry has gotten really good at getting fit people fitter. We are different.
Improving the lives of those whose goals are INCHES away as well as those whose aspirations are MILES ahead of them is one of our highest values.