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Three weeks ago I received an email from Maxwell who stated in his email that he wanted to work with an “experienced instructor to help me with the Olympic Lifts so I can improve more quickly and develop proper technique to avoid injury.” Immediately I knew we were going to get along. Why? Because his statement to me acknowledged his respect for the Sport of Weightlifting and doing things right from the start. During our initial consultation, I took Maxwell through a comprehensive movement and mobility assessment that was key for me to evaluate where his starting point was and how realistic, if at all, his goal was to learn the lifts.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.53.15 AMI’ll be honest in that the Sport of Weightlifting is not for everyone. What I mean is that if you don’t possess the requisite base strength, dynamic joint stability, body awareness, and most importantly mobility, you’re setting yourself up for a long difficult road likely leading to injury. Not everyone needs to pull from the floor, or more likely receive the lifts into the squat position. There are many variations of the lifts starting from the hang or power positions that allow most to participate at a reasonable level. Heck, one might need to explore a split clean or snatch option for receiving, but first and foremost it starts with their goals and a thorough assessment. In the end this is where an experienced coach comes into play to help evaluate the best and safest option for each person.

From my initial assessment, it was clear to me that Maxwell was ready and able to get to business so we did. I proposed that we schedule some one on one sessions together for him to learn the foundations of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

From a coaches eye perspective, check out the narrated video below from our 4th day working together – his second day of Snatching, E.V.E.R!

Written by Michael Pilhofer (MSP)

Are you looking for a qualified coach to teach you lifts and compete in the sport of Weightlifting. What if you just want to improve your Snatch and/or Clean Jerk? Look no further than Olympic Weightlifting with MSP Fitness. To have success like Maxwell, you have to have direction from a coach with understanding. A coach who has applied the principles after years of study and discipline. MSP Fitness has the coaches and the equipment to best help you develop your lifts or prepare you for the sport of Olympic style Weightlifting. If you’re in in the Minneapolis / St. Paul / Twin Cities area of Minnesota CONTACT US today!