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The MSP Fitness Index is a monthly blog post covering the extracurricular things both Michael and Taylor have been reading, listening to, processing, or just really digging at the present time. As MSP’s Head Coach and Assistant Coach respectively, Michael and Taylor trust this month’s Index will be insightful, transparent, and inspiring as they share glimpses of what’s going on between their ears.


Here we are on the heels of our anniversary for MSP Fitness. This Thursday, March 30th, will mark our 8th year as an educational center for health and fitness…and yes I’m using educational VERY purposefully. I’m so proud of our evolution over the years.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 5.05.53 PMI love to show this picture of Van in the back of our first space. It was around 1600 sq/ft and I remember thinking that this was HUGE…that “maybe it was too big” and “what were we going to do with all of this space?”  

HA, jokes on me! Here we are 8 years later having expanded 3 times into current footprint. I’ll admit that I absolutely LOVE our gym. When all 4 doors are wide open, it’s magical. I love how clean and organized it is. Everything in it’s place, which is thanks to a community who takes care of it as if it were their own. The equipment is top notch. I still get a bit giddy when I put my hands around our Eleiko bars and plates, but the truth of the matter is that none of that matters.

MSP Gym PicIn the end it’s not how fancy the space is, or the stuff you have. It’s who and what goes on IN that space that makes it special…that makes it home. I am lucky, very lucky. I’m surrounded every day by absolutely amazing people. Done. Over and Out. Drop the Mic. Sorry but I win. My peeps rock and there is nothing more to say about that.

I’m surrounded by an absolutely stellar community of women and men who not only care deeply about their health and fitness, but are wonderful people. People you’d want to hang out with and call friend. Being 8 years into this journey and looking to the future, I couldn’t be happier to all who surround me.

I get to do what I love, supported by my amazing wife, having just celebrated our 10 year anniversary together. I have an incredible team with Taylor and Van by my side every step of the way, elevating MSP Fitness with their unique talents and gifts. I joke that I thank and blame Van every day for this amazing journey she trusted me to take on as I will always say that it was her support that made all of this possible.

To all who call MSP Fitness their home, thank you. I am honored and humbled everyday. Here is to 8 brilliant years, and more to come.


Michael S. Pilhofer (MSP)


My People. | 2016 "Ugly" SWEATer Workout

My People. | 2016 “Ugly” SWEATer Workout

For this installment of the Index, I just want to throw up a huge ditto to what Michael said in regards to MSP Fitness’s Anniversary. Coming on board nearly five years ago has, in a ripple effect, revolutionized my professional, personal, and athletic reality. With great humility and pleasure, we train the best people on the planet. Well… that might be hard to prove. But seriously ya’ll, I wouldn’t trade our population for any other. On top of that, the helm couldn’t be under better direction than that of Michael’s. Everyday I’m grateful for his wisdom, his leadership, and most grateful for that day he and Van thumbed through the cover letter of one rather bull-headed, scrappy college kid.

For this month’s index I’ll keep it short and sweet:

Happy Anniversary MSP! Here’s to eight more great years!

Your’s in Strength,
-Taylor Gish



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