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Allow me to be completely transparent that my thoughts with this blog are more of a please consider to “Do as I Say”, vs. “Do as I Do”, as I struggle with the best of you on this topic.

The other day while I was working at my remote office known as Caribou Coffee, enjoying my Medium Dark Hot Cocoa with whole milk, 2 scoops instead of 3, and no whip or toppings, it started to snow for the first time this year.

SIDE NOTE – If you’d like to try my high maintenance drink of chocolatey goodness…’You’re Welcome’ in advance.

Once it started to snow I found myself staring out the window. I was mesmerized. I should also publically admit that I love seasons, and I thoroughly enjoy Winter…to a point. By February I’m pretty much done, but for Pete’s sake I do live in Minnesota so I choose poorly if I didn’t like the Winter.


The simplicity and beauty of the snow coming down momentarily whisked me away from the daily stresses of what I was doing. This was a pretty typical day for me. Prior to it starting to snow I was buried in my computer multitasking between a myriad of emails, editing down video, contemplating short and long term business planning for the gym, etc. (you get the idea). Once it started to snow, I fully took that moment in and felt a sense of calm and peace. It was rejuvenating.

It was also an interesting learning moment for me as I reflected that it’s far too easy to be consumed with thoughts of what’s next. Completely ignoring the beauty of the now, I was focusing on the agenda of later this week and later this month. In business, you’re always forecasting. Planning for the next quarter, the next year, etc. Facing the music, I had to admit I often utter to myself, “I can’t wait for the weekend,” or “If I can just get to_______, it will all be better.” It’s unfortunate how often we all make the conscious choice to literally throw time away.

fast_forward_buttonAs it relates to what we’re talking about, I was thinking on the saying, “Stop and Smell the Roses”. Of course roses are beautiful and they smell amazing, but life isn’t always that way is it? Life is tough sometimes. Life can be a grind. Life can be unpleasant and it makes sense why we might want to hit the fast forward button sometimes. Within all of those realities, I’d say we still have the power to choose. We have the power in any moment to stop and notice. To be present, and find the beauty no matter how small.

The first step is simply to notice when you find yourself wishing time away. Challenge yourself to be in the moment. Find the beauty in the now. Let those small moments of awareness build like a tsunami to recharge you, rejuvenate you, to remind you that there is more right in front of you everyday, every moment.

I say this as much for me as I say it to you now: Time is our most precious and finite currency. We control it and we choose how to spend it. Today I encourage you to spend it ALL. And do so wisely.

Michael Pilhofer, Owner and Head Coach at MSP Fitness has over 20 years experience listening, observing, and communicating to help people improve themselves. His goal is to create a positive and supportive training environment that inspires people to make long-term fitness and lifestyle changes. He believes in not simply doing work, but doing work that matters – work that has purpose, a plan, with an outcome in mind.



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