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If naming a “Greatest Exercise of All Time” was a thing, the Turkish get up would unquestionably hold its own near the top of that theoretical list. This kettlebell exercise is not only used as a tool of conditioning (seeing increases in strength and endurance), but also coordination (demanding qualities like stability, kinesthetic awareness, reaction, and adaptability mid-movement). If performed correctly, it can be a foundational component to anyone’s movement practice. If not, well… That’s probably why you’ve stumbled across this blog.

Troubleshooting the Turkish Get Up or TGU:

There are two very common areas at which things break down during the performance of a TGU.
1) The start position and first step. (Click >> HERE << to see that post)
2) The transition from half kneeling to standing.

In today’s post, I want to break down the later — the transition to standing.

The Get Up is a lift that begins lying supine, i.e. facing upward, with the load in a single arm. The lifter goes from floor, to standing, and back to the floor again. A big issue many people face is navigating the middle of the movement with quality technique and form — otherwise known as the transition.

When transitioning from kneeling to standing, many individuals make the mistake of moving flippantly. Instead, we coach folks to add a dose of drama and think about being as robust as possible, keeping your “ribs buckled” or “trunk stiff”. This momentary pause+set won’t just put you in better positions, you’ll be able to move more load on your get ups.

The concept of tension is crucial in any form of training. If you’ve never experienced it, you can find it easily. First, push your fingers into your own relaxed abdomen. Then, push your abs out against the finger pressure. Lastly, keep that braced position while removing the fingers. Add this tension work to your get ups and you’ll be moving more kg’s off the floor in no time! Trouble picturing this? Watch the short video below showing a before and after of the right technique to use.

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If you’re looking for more information regarding Turkish Get Ups, our Head Coach Michael has filmed a very in-depth look at the movement, going over all its nuances step by step. You can find that >> HERE <<

If you try out our tip for improving your Turkish Get Ups, let us know!

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