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We hope you enjoyed our first two parts of our three part series on 360 JumpStart: The Un-Bootcamp Class. In case you missed the first two articles check them out here. Our first Reason #1 – To Get Healthy and our second blog Reason #2 – To Get Stronger

Reason #3: Get Smarter

main600x0_p17chsrv9g14p228h1kpbast1dff4What did you learn at bootcamp class today? No seriously what did you learn?…or does that seem like an odd question to ask. My educated guess is that the answer would be ‘little to nothing’. Why you might ask, because for most trainers and clients it’s simply about the DOING. Show up -> Get Butt Kicked -> Go Home! Sound familiar? With that said, that’s not how we roll here at MSP Fitness.

At MSP Fitness we believe that the most important part of being on the path to health and fitness is seeing the journey and enjoying the process. It’s not simply doing. It’s about learning, exploring, and empowerment. That is how you make long-term progress and habits. At MSP Fitness our motto is “We Coach, We Educate, We Inspire” Notice the first two Coach and Educate, those key values help to differentiate us amongst the myriad of fitness facilities out there.

tiredThere are many gyms out there offering bootcamps, high intensity training, and hip/catchy/cute classes that sound fancy and promise BIG results. What you most often get though is sloppy movement, needless exhaustion, soreness and fatigue. These ‘results’ have unwanted metabolic costs, adding to the already overloaded stress on your life and body. (check out our previous blogs on Health and Strength).

The mission of our 360 JumpStart is to teach and coach a foundation of knowledge in the areas of strength, mobility, and conditioning that you build upon for the rest of your life. We believe you should build a base of quality strength, understanding how to move your body properly and efficiently in a variety of planes of movement. In addition, you will develop an understanding of how to pace yourself through a variety of conditioning scenarios that we feel is key for an overall balanced health and fitness regimen.

long_road_w1MSP Fitness is not the “Get Fit Quick” or “30 Pounds in 30 Days” gym, and we never will be. We are about the long game. It is likely that the challenges you’re facing didn’t happen overnight, so why would you expect that they could be erased even faster! Long lasting change takes time, and that’s ok.

Your body is unlike any other. No one can drive it but you, and we want to give you the keys to success. Don’t you want all your hard work to lead to positive changes that will last, and to gain self-awareness that you take with you for the rest of your life? Of course you do. It’s time to give bootcamp the boot, and start getting healthier, stronger, and smarter with our 360 JumpStart.

Our 12-week 360 JumpStart class just started so it’s not too late to join us. If you’re ready to get healthier, stronger, and smarter with your training, just CLICK HERE to signup and put your best foot forward.

– Written by Michael S. Pilhofer