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The MSP Fitness Index is a monthly blog post covering the extracurricular things both Michael and Taylor have been reading, listening to, processing, or just really digging at the present time. As MSP’s Head Coach and Assistant Coach respectively, Michael and Taylor trust this month’s Index will be insightful, transparent, and inspiring as they share glimpses of what’s going on between their ears.


FREE Training! A Complimentary Guide for our Followers at Home:

I’m not sure if you’ve seen an update to the sidebar of our blog, or a new pop-up on our website, but just last week, Taylor and I just launched a new FREE product from MSP Fitness. We’ve designed a training program that can be done completely from home, hyperlinking videos and exercise descriptions into the product’s downloadable pdf. We’ve been whittling away at the project for the better part of six months and are so very happy to button up things on the production end and get it into the hands of potential consumers.

A Free Home Workout from MSP Fitness

Stemming from an interest to reach populations that wouldn’t otherwise interface with fitness in a gym setting, this 100% complimentary program is meant for individuals just starting out or just getting back into training.

Frustratingly, the fitness industry is getting ashamedly good at making “fit” people “fitter” when there are great amounts of people just looking for a place to begin. While we can’t claim to have created some kind of workout silver bullet or magic pill, I feel confident this is the type of product that could help people looking to make fitness a habitual part of their lives.

So. If you are finding yourself in need of a fresh beginning, a jumpstart if you will, to your relationship with fitness and health, I encourage you to download this free training plan. I personally will be there every step of the way as you interface with the product — being available for inquires throughout the process. Let’s start getting better together and download your free program today!


Start and Never Stop:

Last week our website had a little snafu. Not the megadeath server kind of snafu — but a weird, back-end broken page snafu. Needless to say, I was unable to share last week’s blog post with you. Both our social followers, as well as our newsletter faithful, missed out on a short, but potent, little number I wrote on consistency and the potential remedy to fix an itch to quit.

If you want to check out my post simply the button below.